Home / Residential Security

Here at Alarm Services Group we offer a unique opportunity when compared to other alarm companies on the market; through our totally customizable variety of systems and components that can be added to your home or business and tailored to your individual specific security needs, you wont be forced into a plan that contains superfluous equipment and you will be sure to get only the security elements you want!

Home/Residential Security:

Once we get your customized security system installed by our experienced technicians you can rest assured that your loved ones, belongings, and property are in good hands! We offer 24/7 monitoring of your system and offer a multitude of services and options such as:

  • Doorbell cameras to show you who is at the door in real time – adding a level of safety before you even open your door.
  • Remotely accessible lights and door locks for added convenience.
  • Full interior/exterior camera surveillance for monitoring of your property during the day and night, real-time monitor display for your home and smart phones and digital recording of up to two weeks of accessible archive footage.
  • Motion sensors and motion sensitive cameras to pick up movement in your home or on your property.
  • Glass breaks and entry senors that detect when windows and doors are opened or broken.
  • Remote Thermostat control to adjust your heating and air on the fly or while away.
  • Medical/Panic pendants that can contact emergency services for added peace of mind living alone.

About Alarm Services Group

Premier provider and installer for state of the art security and alarm systems to include; but not limited to: Home automation security control with voice commands with Alexa, Door and window sensors, Security motion detectors, Glass break detectors, Smoke detectors, Carbon Monoxide Detectors, , Dome security cameras, High definition security cameras, Exterior security cameras w/ night vision, Interior security cameras, Remote security lights and locks, Remote thermostat control and Security door bell cameras.

James T. -Covington, TN

I left ADT, whom I had been with for 9 years due to rising monthly premiums, limited equipment, and bad service and switched to Alarm Services Group. Very pleased with the company and their service.
Highly recommended!!